Wildcats News · Indian Creek Softball Directions

Directions to Indian Creek Softball Field, Legion Drive, Mingo Junction.
Directions from the West: Follow 22 East to 7 South. Follow 7 South to Logan Avenue
Exit, Mingo Junction.

From the North: Take 7 South to Logan Avenue Exit, Mingo Junction.

From the South: Take 7 North to Logan Avenue Exit, Mingo Junction.

Once you take the exit turn up the hill on Logan Avenue. It will be a right turn from the
north and a left turn from the south. Follow Logan Avenue up the hill for approximately
8 tenths of a mile. You will see a cemetery on your left and Legion Drive will be on your
right. Turn right on Legion Drive and follow around the fields. Entrance to the fields is a
left turn down to the fields.

Exit: When you come up the hill to leave the field you will stop at a stop sign. Go
straight to the next stop sign which will be McLister Avenue. Turn Left down McLister
and follow to downtown Mingo Junction. You will come to a stop sign. Turn left at that
stop sign onto Commercial Avenue. There will be a sign for Route 7 in approximately a
city block. For north 7 you go straight and you will be on the entrance ramp. If you are
going south you will turn up Logan Avenue and the ramp for 7 South will be right after you pass under Route 7.  You will turn left.