Wildcats News · Summer Conditioning Guidelines

Summer conditioning will begin this week at EHS, now that facilities have been permitted to reopen.  Here are things that you must be certain your athlete attending follows in accordance with the COVID 19 recommendations…..

  1.  Arrives and leaves on time.  Students atheletes are not permitted to arrive early or hang out after to visit or socialize.
  2. Arrives dressed for activity and leaves with all items, personal equipment and apparel.  Lockerrooms will be closed.
  3. Arrives with personal water supply.  Suggest freezing water bottles the night before or using a gallon milk jug or thermos. Water fountains are not available.
  4. Parking in student parking lot or lot along the road.  Annex parking will be off limits to student athletes and parents.
  5. Athletes will have their temperature taken each day when they report to conditioning.  Students with a temperature above 100.4 F (CDC recommendation) or having any other symptoms will have to leave and return home.  Student athletes that do not feel well are asked to stay at home.
  6. Parents are reminded that athletes attending conditioning at this time is voluntary.  If you do not feel that it is safe for them to condition at this time, that is your decision.
  7. Grab and go lunches will be available to those here for conditioning.  Athletes  must take lunches in their car with them, they are not permitted to eat them here on campus.
  8. Athletes that are planning to attend that haven’t communicated with a coach needs to do so immediately.  Athletes will be working outside in groups of 10 (9 athletes and a coach) for the 1st two phases and these groups are assigned ahead of time by the coach.  No matter if you are Jr. High or High School, please contact the coach below to find out where and when you need to report.

Football: shane.obrien@edisonwildcats.org

Volleyball: todd.smith@edisonwildcats.org

Girls Soccer: jordan.tice@edisonwildcats.org

Boys Soccer: andrew.lesnansky@edisonwildcats.org

Golf: kodi.peterson@edisonwildcats.org

Girls Basketball: john.visser@edisonwildcats.org

Boys Basketball: nate.moses@edisonwildcats.org

Wrestling: mspencer221@yahoo.com

Swimming: gretchen.yanssens@edisonwildcats.org

Baseball: michael.collopy@edisonwildcats.org

Softball: spencer.bendle@edisonwildcats.org

Track: todd.smith@edisonwildcats.org

Cheerleading: maddie.brown244@yahoo.com

Jr.High Cheerleading: caseyjo105@gmail.com